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TL Series

General Introduction:

There are three models of TL series telescopic loader, TL1500, TL2500 and TL4000, lifting capacity from 1 ton to 4.5 tons, can meet customers’ different demands. Also based on our rich experiences with loaders, we can also design according to customers’ s

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1.Unique telescopic design, widely increase its working scope and usage, and also this new design bring something fresh to the loader business, big advantage for re-sell also.

2.Quick hitch with many kinds of attachments enable the loaders can do different kind of work in many areas. You can find all what you need here in our factory.

3.Many other options meet any of your requirments to make the ideal machine you want. Such as different tyres and different engines to choose

4.Another big advantage compared with other normal loaders, ours can be equipped with rear hydraulic output & 3 point hitch, which makes it can turn into a tractor. So spenting money once for a loader, and you can get both loader and tractor.

5. The air condition as an option make the operating more comfortable.

6.Joystick controlling makes the operating easy and convenient.

7.The Rear cover can be opened by your hands, which makes the maintenance much more simple.

8. The self-levering which will keep the bucket parallel always with the floor when raising and lowering bucket.

About us

Taian Tengyu Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd(Which was called Taian Dongyue Carrying Machinery Co., Ltd before)has more than 10 years' experience with production of all kinds of loaders,and is the first one in China who starts to manufacture multifunctional telescopic wheel loaders in China…

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