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Product Details

Compact design, low centre of gravity, tight turning radius and powerful performance- these features have characterized the TAIAN DY50 small wheel loader lines of products for years and still determine the immense success of the machines. The DY25 small wheel loader effortlessly fulfil any work task and work quickly, flexibly and safely – DY50 small wheel loader is simply always ready for use.


Ø Optional Euro stage V / EPA Tier 4 Engine;

Ø Hydrostatic 4 Wheel Drive;

Ø CE certified;

Ø Double Floating Functions;

Ø Quick Coupling System;

Ø Hand brake and pedal brake system;

Ø Side-Tilting Cabin;

     Ø Multiple Attachments for customers’ choice;

    Engine Options:


    Main components:


                DY50 Technical Specifications.doc

About us

Taian Tengyu Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd(Which was called Taian Dongyue Carrying Machinery Co., Ltd before)has more than 10 years' experience with production of all kinds of loaders,and is the first one in China who starts to manufacture multifunctional telescopic wheel loaders in China…

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Taian Tengyu Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd
(Taian Dongyue Carrying Machinery Co., Ltd)
North Nanliu Street, Shigao Industrial Zone, Taian City, Shandong China
Tel:+86 538 6713130 Fax:+86 538 6217673

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